About Me

Fiona Tan HuÌjiÉ, m.a.


- founder & owner of BALANMOTION

- licensed barre instructor

- licensed yin yoga instructor

- licensed Zumba instructor

- state-approved actress for film & television with stage maturity

- passionate qigong & taiji practitioner


Education / profession / qualification

M.A. Study in Augsburg / Germany

*Full scholarship year in the USA

*Full scholarship year in France

Actor formation in Munich / Germany


Founder & owner of TAN-translation

Founder & owner of BALANMOTION

Founder & owner of TAN-performance


Main topics & areas of interests

Culture-related seminars such as tea ceremony, calligraphy, TCM related forms of exercises, etc. as well as lectures on linguistic, cultural and historical developments;


Barre workout combined with elements from pilates, yoga, qigong and functional strengthening exercises;


Stretching with exercises of progressive muscle relaxation, tapping the meridians and more...