All about QI (energy flow)

You don't need to subscribe to or learn much about tai chi's roots in Chinese philosophy to enjoy its health benefits, but these concepts can help make sense of its approach:


Qi /   — an energy force thought to flow through the body; tai chi is said to unblock and encourage the proper flow of qi.


Yin /  and yang  — opposing elements thought to make up the universe that need to be kept in harmony. Tai chi is said to promote this balance.


Qigong is the quintessence of China. It has a history of thousands of years. It starts with the human body’s self-care, which emphasizes "adjusting the body, regulating the body, breathing and internally."


With the changes of historical dynasties, different qigong forms have come to being, among which the most famous ones like Buddhist qigong, Confucian qigong, medical qigong and harmony qigong have the most far-reaching influence.


"Chinese Health Qigong" is a traditional national sport that takes its own physical activity, coordinating breathing and psychological adjustment as the main form of exercise.


The exercises focus on theoretical and practical benefits, beneficial to the body and mind, and suitable for people of different ages.